Offshore Lights and Equipment

WorkSite Lighting’s Offshore-Ready Light Tower is depended on by offshore drilling professionals around the world. Our advanced lighting and structural design exceeds the latest requirements for equipment in the offshore industry. Units are delivered Offshore Ready with Load Test Certification, Rigging Certification and Engineer’s Structural ASTM Stamp. Optional LED Class 1 Division 2 Light Fixtures bring clarity to the job site and carry extended warranties. WorkSite Lighting’s optional quad-pod or tripod mounted, LED Explosion Proof Lights can be powered from the light towers auxiliary power for operating in the Class 1 Division 1 area near the drilling platform. The OSLT8 is designed and backed by WorkSite Lighting’s management team with more than 30 years critical field experience and a combined 80 years of manufacturing experience.

offshore skid lighting
Offshore Skid Lighting
air compressor
Offshore Air Compressor
portable area light
Portable Area Light

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