Confined Space Lighting

Confined spaces present some of the toughest challenges for lighting in all of industry. The portable lighting products that fit this category must be high quality, in most cases explosion-proof, and small enough to fit through narrow openings and tight spaces.

WorkSite Lighting offers a number of explosion proof lights that meet these requirements and use the latest technology to achieve high performance in confined spaces. Our range of LED area lights are second to none when it comes to lighting storage tanks, frac tanks, rail cars and fuel cells. In fact, WorkSite offers one of a kind products like the 2’ and 4’ linear LED and the revolutionary Frac Tank Light, the world’s most creative design for illuminating confined spaces.

Our LED confined space lights are instant-on, explosion-proof, low temperature, and provide true-to-color lighting, which is critical for tank inspection.

Our WorkSite Lighting staff is always available for consultation about your confined space lighting needs, and we can help you match the right product with your work environment.

Confined Space Products

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